Precor AMT® 783 Adaptive Motion Trainer®

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  • Dynamic adaptive stride length with Fixed Stride™ (fixed stride height)
  • Broad appeal with user-defined, low impact adaptive motion
  • Advanced P82 15" touchscreen console delivers a premium networked fitness experience
  • Adaptive Motion- Exercisers can change stride length at will from zero to 36 inches (0 to 91 cm), providing a variety of stride paths to engage several muscle groups.
  • A Versatile Total Body Workout-With a combination of climbing, walking and running movements, moving handle bars and dual action movements between the arms and legs, the AMT® delivers a total body workout with high levels of oxygen consumption and energy expenditure.
  • P82 Touchscreen Console-The P82 Touchscreen Console not only offers a brilliant 15" screen that is ergonomically positioned to delivery crystal clear entertainment viewing for exercisers in motion, but when networked is also a direct-to-exerciser communication portal allowing you an opportunity to build your brand, share information about activities and services, and strengthen the sense of community within your facility.