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BodyCraft FID Bench

BodyCraft FID Bench

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The F704 Flat / Incline / Decline System Bench is a great dumbbell bench, but it was specifically designed to work with the BODYCRAFT XFT, RFT, Jones Machines and the F430 Power Rack, plus it will work with most brands of Smith Machines and Racks.

As the bench inclines, the pads slide back staying in line with the bar, so you spend less time maneuvering the bench forward and back.

No need to turn the bench around when performing exercises like a shoulder press.

Expand your workout by adding the F711 Leg Extension/Curl/Hold Down and the F710 Arm Curl Attachments. See OPTIONS for details.

*Note: This bench does not include the leg hold down, The locking F711 Leg Ext/Curl Attachment is available for purchase. See OPTIONS for details.

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