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BodySolid Adjustable Bench

BodySolid Adjustable Bench

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The Body-Solid GFID225B Commercial Folding Bench is a versatile and durable workout companion, offering seven secure ladder-style adjustment positions for flat, decline, and incline workouts. 

The GFID225B bench is not just about convenience but also durability and stability, too. Crafted with heavy-duty 2x4 inch, 14-gauge steel, it provides a solid and secure platform for even the most demanding workouts, making it suitable for seasoned athletes and beginners.

Designed for maximum convenience, the GFID225B features built-in wheels for easy transport and a convenient pull-pin for effortless folding and storage. Plus, the bench is delivered fully assembled, saving users time and effort and allowing them to start their workouts immediately.

The GFID225B is a versatile powerhouse that seamlessly transitions from flat to incline to decline. This allows for a wide range of workouts and makes it perfect for achieving full-body fitness. 

Backed by the Body-Solid In-Home Lifetime Warranty and a Light Commercial Warranty, this bench is built to last and deliver exceptional performance.

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