Hi Temp Bumper Plates

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Hi Temp bumper plates range is the latest addition to Forte Fitness Bumper weights collection. They are made of crumbed rubber extremely durable.

  • Colour coded to easily identify the weight increments.
  • Accurate weight tolerance.
  • Ø51mm hole size
  • Stainless Steel insert


  • 10lb thickness: 31mm
  • 15lb thickness: 55mm
  • 25lb thickness: 72mm
  • 35lb thickness: 79.5mm
  • 45lb thickness: 94mm


  • 10lb Colour: Black with grey flecks
  • 15lb Colour: Black with orange flecks
  • 25lb Colour: Black with green flecks
  • 35lb Colour: Black with yellow flecks
  • 45lb Colour: Black with blue flecks