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HOIST® HD Dual Series Pec Fly/ Rear Delt

HOIST® HD Dual Series Pec Fly/ Rear Delt

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Forte Fitness Equipments offers a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at a premium. Featuring the same aesthetic distinction and durable construction, the Dual Series offers 9 dual or multi-function stations.  

The HOIST® Pec Fly/Rear Delt swiveling handles with pivoting hand grips, provide a variety of hand positions for both exercises. Easy to reach range-of-motion adjustments for both arms with 11 positions come standard. Each exercise arm has dual pivots, allowing users to define their own exercise path. And with seven seat pad adjustments, users of all heights can easily find a safe and comfortable position for both exercises. Unique features such as patented FLIP-N-GRIP® handles and Silent Steel® Weight Racks make HOIST® HD Dual Series the stand-out choice for prestigious gym brands, hotels and universities around the world.

  • Swiveling handles with rotating grips provide multiple hand positions
  • Adjustable range-of-motion exercise arms for pec fly or rear delt exercises
  • Each exercise arm has dual pivots for user defined exercise path
  • Seven seat pad adjustments for varying user heights
  • 56"W x 78"H x 69"L- 677lbs

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