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Hoist Roc-It Plate Loaded Seated Dip

Hoist Roc-It Plate Loaded Seated Dip

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The HOIST® Seated Dip with innovative ROX™ technology comfortably and safely replicates the motion of a bar dip – ideal for toning the triceps, as well as pecs and shoulders. The machine starts the exerciser’s body in a slightly forward lean, then rocks it back to properly align it with the path of the press arm. Width adjustable exercise handles, with both wide and narrow grips, provide users with proper positioning, reducing excessive shoulder stress. Generous built-in weight storage make it easy for work out enthusiasts to quickly add plates to the machine, while keeping your gym or workout facility tidy and saving space.

Dynamic adjustment, designed to provide a more comfortable and secure workout based upon the body’s natural posture and flexibility is the essence behind the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®. Try it out for yourself and EXPERIENCE THE RIDE!

  • ROC-IT® technology provides the ideal movement for the triceps, replicating the exercise motion of a bar dip.
  • Starts the body in a slight forward lean, then rocks rearward to align the user with the path of the press arm
  • Width adjustable exercise handles provide proper positioning and reduce excessive shoulder stress
  • Generous built-in weight storage
  • 52.75"W, 52.25"H, 72"L 305lbs 
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