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Intenza Commercial Treadmill- 450 Series

Intenza Commercial Treadmill- 450 Series

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Engineered to strike a balance between performance, power, size and stability this intuitive machine is designed for intense and focused training. Compact yet capable, the 450’s running deck is optimised to meet the needs of runners seeking longer strides. And, adding architectural elegance to its dramatic look, Intenza’s 450 Series Treadmill delivers visual information through surface materials affording haptic perception: function coupled with touch—sensitive surfaces that enhance the user experience.    

Synonymous with function and value, the beautifully proportioned Intenza 450 i2S Console is designed for training with purpose and clarity. With a simple and intuitive clean, white LED backlit user interface, comprised of three buttons, Intenza’s precision Uni—Dial™ puts users front and centre to offer complete access to features at all times. Encased in laser etched aluminum, its anti—slip beveled sides deliver unrivalled functionality and control during workouts.

Uniting muscle with finesse, the 450 i2S gives you the familiar tactile feel of the Intenza experience through use of premium materials and detailing; but when your focus is pure training its aerodynamic functionality coupled with all—terrain programs offers an unrivalled practicality.

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