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Intenza Group Cycle

Intenza Group Cycle

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Designed for comfort and the broadest range of users from 147.5—205cm, the magnetic resistance of Intenza's 550GC Series delivers the authenticity and excitement of outdoor biking to the indoors. Blending Intenza's heritage of high—quality design with smart solutions, users from active exercisers to hardcore athletes will experience the high level of performance and impeccable engineering associated with Intenza Fitness products.

  • Belt Drive System
  • 2—Stage Hybrid Poly—V and Tooth Belt Drive Train
  • Robust frame structure designed to ensure stability and durability. Aluminum front post offers aesthetic appeal.
  • Gear Ratio 1:13
  • Handlebars Adjustable Fore—Aft and Up—Down
  • Maximum User Weight 350lbs
  • Standard pedal with toe cage or optional dual sided pedal with both SPD and toe cage
  • 16.2cm (6.37") Q factor
  • 40 Magnetic resistance levels
  • Adjustable Fore—Aft and Up—Down Seat Adjustment
  • User Height Range 4'10" to 6'8"
  • Dual water bottle holders support 1 litre water bottles

Optional Console on 550GC3:

Tracking cadence, or RPM, can help guide your ride and provide instant feedback on performance.  Rechargeable 100,000 times, cycle off—grid with the GC3 generator—powered console.  Incorporated into the flywheel spindle, the LCD console is powered whilst the bike is being ridden and through a simple 3—button layout you gain insight into the distance that you have covered, the calories you have burned, and the time and speed taken. In short, it will provide you with all the relevant data needed to tune your sessions.

With LED lights in the back of the console, the 550 GC3 provides visual feedback through 5 colours to help users effectively optimise their workout efforts.  Related to the amount of effort you are putting in, the colours change along with training intensity.

Standard Training Mode

Zones are classified by the watt indicator.

Heart Rate Training Mode

Zones are classified by MHR Percentage (Heart Rate/Max Heart Rate).

White Light <140 Watt, <60% MHR

Blue Light 140 Watt—189 Watt, 60—70% MHR

Green Light 190—226 Watt, 70—80% MHR

Yellow Light 227—264 Watt, 80—90% MHR

Red Light 265 Watt, 90—100% MHR

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