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Lemond Cadence Meter II Ant Plus

Lemond Cadence Meter II Ant Plus

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  • An effective measurement device that gives you personal feedback on your workout! The LeMond RevMaster Pilot measures your time, distance, and cadence as you cycle - as well as providing feedback on calories burned and heart rate when a Polar strap is used

  • For indoor cycling, the intensity of your workout is determined by the rate at which you cycle (rpm or pedal revolutions per minute) and the intensity of the resistance that you apply. Using feedback provided by the LeMond RevMaster Pilot, you can now vary your workout according to your own personal training goals. Lower cadence levels (rpms) with more resistance and longer time periods is good for strength training - while adding more cadence can help endurance riding or developing short bursts of speed. 

  • Designed exclusively for the LeMond RevMaster Pro, the Pilot uses state of the art wireless digital and analog technology.

  • Easy to use, innovative features makes the Pilot a great workout companion.

  • Wireless

  • Displays Cadence,/RPM, Time, Distance, Heart Rate*, Calories*

  • Digital and analog technology

  • Coded System for no cross talk

  • Installs in less than 10 minutes - all components included

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