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Powerlift Squat & Deadlift

Powerlift Squat & Deadlift

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Power Lift’s Squat and Deadlift machine gives your athletes the same benefit of normal squats and deadlifts but in a controlled environment. Our machine has multiple hand positions and a stability bar to allow for single-leg squats, offering variation to a typical squat or deadlift workout.

  • Weight storage (standard)
  • Stability bar for single leg squats
  • Multiple hand positions
  • Accommodates a variety of exercises:  shrugs, lunges, squats
  • Urethane foot pads(standard)
  • Ratchet seat mechanism accommodates all user sizes
  • Low start resistance, with ability to add plates to accommodate all fitness levels
  • Standard counter balance
  • 3" thick pads for user comfort and support
  • Moveable joints feature ball bearings
  • Standard weight horns
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