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Powertec Compact Leg Sled

Powertec Compact Leg Sled

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The Powertec Compact Leg Sled is one of the most smooth and compact leg press machines on the market.

The sled glides on a specially designed carriage driven by ultra-low resistance nylon wheels with sealed bearings.   While the footprint is quite compact, the leg sled still allows for full calf raise for most users.


The sled is driven by nylon bearing wheels that provide an ultra-smooth and quiet ride. The carriage holds 8 wheels that hug the solid steel guide rods preventing lateral movement and providing a precise smooth motion from top to bottom.


The seat and adjustable back pad along with the adjustable angle foot plate and hand grips lock the use into the perfect position to perform the exercise. Alleviating stress on the lower back.


The design of the carriage and seat section allow for a leg sled that is significantly more compact than any other in its class. A foot tube is also included for calf raise exercise.


The angle of the rails on the Compact Leg Sled is 28.5 degrees. Multiply the total weight by .48 to get the effective amount being lifted.  100lbs weight + 48lbs lifted

  • Starting Weight-30lbs
  • Capacity- 700lbs
  • Foot Plate- 25"X23"
  • 67.1"L x 46.5"W x 45.7"H-200lbs

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