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Powertec Utility Bench Attachments

Powertec Utility Bench Attachments

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Optional Attachments

Leg Lift Accessory:

Quadriceps and hamstring training through precise motion and comfort” As one of the most popular Leg Extension and Leg Curl Accessories, the WB-LLA is designed to provide precise range of motion and comfort.

Preacher Curl Accessory:

Though it is only an attachment by definition; it adds a whole new exercise station to your existing work bench.  Weights and Benches are not included with accessories.

Pec Fly Accessory:

The ultimate pectoral isolation tool, “This accessory is guaranteed to add size and shape to your chest and deltoids” Simply one of the best pec-fly machines ever made. You will feel the difference and muscle activation on the very first rep.

Dip Accessory:

The ultimate in smooth controlled motion the lever arm on the DMA18 Dip attachment will take your chest, shoulder and triceps training to new heights.

Lat Tower Accessory: 

“Setting new standards with the smoothest Lat Machine available.” The Lat Tower Accessory has been redesigned to provide users with the leg support through a newly designed roller adjustment tube. The Lat Tower Attachment is ideal for high and low pulley training.

Accessory Storage Rack: 

Store your Workbench Machine Accessories and save valuable floor space while keeping your gym neat and organized


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