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Precor Glute Builder Series Pendulum Kick Back

Precor Glute Builder Series Pendulum Kick Back

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A supreme combination of maximum stability, comfort, perfect arc of motion and optimal glutes engagement.

  • Replicates the popular cable kick back exercise in a more stable and effective way
    Pendular path of motion minimizes knee flexo-extension, targeting the glutes more effectively and isolating the movement to the hip joint to reduce quadriceps engagement.
  • The kneeling exercise position with a double knee pad, chest pad and hand grips, create the necessary support to maximize stability and comfort unlike other exercise positions such as standing.
  • Foot support can be adjusted in height to optimally suit all individual sizes.
  • Machine allows to perform the movement with the user positioned in a slight angle, a variation that target the upper Glutes Max and the Gluteus Medius.
  • Resistance profile matching hip extension strength profile. It’s heavier at the starting position when glutes are stretched and stronger, and it gets lighter at the end range when glutes are shortened and weaker. Therefore, the entire range of motion is equally challenging, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Double linkage loading mechanism to minimize inertia effect or momentum. It means that even when performing fast with relatively light loads, the resistance feeling remains smooth and there isn’t a significant drop in resistance at the end of the motion 
  • Resistance bands can be added to overload the end range of motion or glutes shortened position.
  • Integrated weight plates storage horn located next to the loading horn to keep training space tidy and to make the loading and un-loading process convenient and time efficient.


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