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Precor Resolute™ Diverging Seated Row

Precor Resolute™ Diverging Seated Row

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The Resolute Strength Diverging Seated Row lets exercisers enjoy a natural-feeling rowing motion without the hassles of oars and water. Independent movement arms allow for targeted training to develop and improve back strength and proper posture.

*Upright position allows for easy access
*Chest pad provides user stabilization

Biomechanically Sound
The Resolute Seated Row features independent movement arms that diverge as they draw back for a natural-feeling rowing motion. This provides better engagement of the back muscles, including the lats, trapezius, biceps, deltoids, and the rhomboids. The multi-grip option handles are angled to reduce wrist stress during the exercise.

Designed to Go the Distance
The upholstered pads of the Resolute Seated Row underwent 1.2 million cycles of testing to ensure that this machine will be a durable workhorse for any facility. A contemporary, low profile design across the Resolute line gives even small facilities an open, spacious feel.

Focused on the Experience
The upright, open design makes the Resolute Seated Row easy to access. The adjustable chest pad, in combination with the gas-assisted ratcheting seat, make it easy to get the proper fit and stabilization throughout
the movement.

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