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Speed Ladder

Speed Ladder

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The COREFX Speed Ladder is an excellent tool for agility training that will keep your body and mind actively moving.

This Agility ladder is suitable for any high-intensity training that is scientifically proven to improve foot speed, lateral quickness, agility, coordination, and overall balance.

Available in 2 x 15ft sections that can be clipped together for extended patterns and drills. The longer length providing a larger space and more intense workout to improve your agility. 

Most adjustable ladders are made with thin plastic adjustable rungs that continuously slide around with every bump or missed step. The COREFX ladder was built for ultimate performance and perfectly spaced rungs, directly out of the box.

A commercial grade agility ladder with thick, durable rungs and riveted straps, built to last season after season. • PROVEN TO INCREASE AGILITY AND SPEED: Proven to improve quick foot and speed, acceleration, strength, fitness, conditioning, endurance, and reduce the chance of injury.

Ladder is provided with a heavy-duty carry bag, making it easy and quick to pack up and set up for indoor and outdoor use.

5.5 × 4.25 × 23.5 in

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