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Torque F9 Functional Trainer

Torque F9 Functional Trainer

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Weight Stack
The all new F9 Fold Away Strength Trainer is a dual weight stack gym that offers true independent functional training packaged in a fold-away footprint. With two adjustable swivel pulleys – each with 17 positions – and two different widths, the F9 accommodates users in performing unlimited movements.

The docking station for the optional flat-to-incline bench automatically aligns exercisers in the correct position, and the multi-use chin-up/press assist strap enables users of all skill levels to perform exercises they otherwise couldn’t do. Plus, the cable columns, bench, and optional exercise balls and training accessories all can be hidden away inside the attractive closing doors. Equipped with several standard accessories, the F9 provides unlimited functional variety for training.
  • Fits in 3′ x 3′ corner
  • Two 150 lb weight stacks
  • ½:1 Weight Ratio
  • Fold-away doors
  • Optional stow-away bench
  • Two independent adjustable swivel pulleys with 17 low-to-high positions on the uprights
  • Dual independent selectorized weight stacks for up to 77.5 lb. resistance per handle
  • 96 inches of cable travel for unlimited functional movements
  • An adjustable flat-to-incline bench that docks securely for correct exercise alignment
  • An assist strap function for chin-ups and dips so users can start low and gradually increase toward unassisted performance.
  • Several standard accessories shown above for a robust variety of functional exercises
  • All components and exercises store within the foldaway cabinet when not in use

Doors Open: 64.4” x 64.4” x 83.8”
Doors Closed: 37.7” x 37.7” x 83.8”
610 lbs (277 kg)

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