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Torque Fitness Commercial Plyo Stack 6-24

Torque Fitness Commercial Plyo Stack 6-24

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The PLYOSTACK set of 4 boxes that can be interlocked together with Velcro to provide 15 different height combinations. The dense foam provides a heavy base and the softer outer foam provides a safe padded surface to jump on.

With a combined weight of over 190 lbs, these plyo’s are as stable as they come. Each 28″ x 28″ box includes unique grabber material making your feet stick on every jump.

Comprised of heavy duty UV stabilized mildew-resistant vinyl, attention grabbing graphics, and made in the USA, the PLYOSTACK is built to last.

The high visibility markings make it easy to know what height you are jumping to. Sold as a set (XPSS-6-24) and individually as models: XPS-6 = 6″ height, XPS-12 = 12″ height, XPS-20 = 20″ height, and XPS-24 = 24″ height.

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